100 Base Game Traits by Vicky Sims

Revolutionize Your Sim Experience with “100 Base Game Traits by Vicky Sims”

Are you tired of repetitively assigning the same traits to your Sims? Enter “100 Base Game Traits by Vicky Sims”, a game-changing mod for The Sims 4 that significantly diversifies and enriches your gaming experience.

100 Base Game Traits: A New Avenue to Creativity

The unique aspect of The Sims series has always been its emphasis on individuality and customizability. This incredible mod by Vicky Sims takes that philosophy a step further. It flawlessly introduces over 100 new distinctive traits that you can select, breaking the monotony of the same 60 traits.

Delving into Dynamic Characterization:

Crafting your Sims with an extraordinary level of detail is the core promise of this mod. The new traits are divided into five main categories that address various aspects of your characters;

1. Emotional Responses

2. Social Behavior

3. Intimate Relationships

4. Physical Appearance

5. Talents & Weaknesses

Every trait has unique impacts, from defining behavior to influencing relationships. Moreover, the markers feature bespoke CAS animations to add more depth to the characters.

Installation and Compatibility

The installation of this mod is simple – you select either the CAS Traits version or the Rewards Traits version based on your preferences. Please note that both versions can’t be installed simultaneously.

The “100 Base Game Traits” mod is entirely base game compatible and does not depend on any other expansions. For those using the Rewards traits, additional tools, such as Traits Picker or AddTraitsMenu, can be installed for convenient use.

The Mod’s Progress

What sets this mod apart is its constant evolution. With two main iterations currently available, the mod continues to evolve with added content. The 2.5 version, for instance, improved aspects of the mod and allowed for the CAS and Reward traits to be installed at once.

Challenges and Add-ons

For the adventurous Simmers attracted to challenges, Vicky Sims also offers innovative challenges like the modified version of the famous ‘Not So Berry Challenge’ using the 100 Base Game Traits. It helps in amplifying the fun and enjoyment while allowing your creativity to run wild.

Final Thoughts

The “100 Base Game Traits” by Vicky Sims is a dynamic and stimulating addition to The Sims 4. Its ever-evolving nature and extensive trait selection open a new world of possibilities, crafting nuanced characters with unique personalities. Embellish your Sims with traits as individual as you are and revolutionize your Sims experience.

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