A Cute Girl with Bad Eyesight
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 Navigating the World of Manga: A Cute Girl with Bad Eyesight

In the ever-expanding universe of Manga/Manhwa/Manhua, there emerges a unique gem by the name of ‘A Cute Girl with Bad Eyesight.’ This thrilling narrative falls under the English/Raw language category, elegantly embodying elements of romance, comedy, school life, and slice-of-life genres.

Defining a Unique Paradigm

Wrapped with an ongoing status, the saga is the masterpiece of an esteemed author, Hamita. Having garnered an impressive rating of 4.63/5, it stands among the fastest-updating comic sites on digital platforms. Both novices to Manga and seasoned readers will find absolute delight in following the enthralling tale of a high schooler, Tanaka-kun, and his unique perspective toward other people.

Unfolding the Characters and Story

A Cute Girl with Bad Eyesight‘ introduces us to the titular character Mizuno-san, a high school delinquent known for her intimidating expression. Known for her “nasty” look and peering through the lens of her bad eyesight, Mizuno-san stirs rumors while instilling fear among her classmates. Despite her chilly aura, Tanaka-kun, another integral figure of the narrative, perceives her as irresistibly cute – a perspective that sets the course for the entire storyline.

Tanaka-kun’s relentless pursuit to get closer to Mizuno-san forms the crux of this romantic yet comedic Manga. Despite getting the cold shoulder initially, Tanaka-kun’s constant efforts soften Mizuno-san’s heart bit by bit. However, when disaster strikes during the school festival, Tanaka’s ambitious plan to help Mizuno-san fit in with their classmates faces an unexpected twist.

Entering the 10.3M Views Club

The captivating mix of comedy, romance, and slice-of-life elements within a high school setting has helped ‘A Cute Girl with Bad Eyesight’ gain over 10.3M views, making it a loved and ongoing favorite among Manga enthusiasts globally.


To sum up, ‘A Cute Girl with Bad Eyesight’ offers a unique twist on school life in the Manga world, encouraging readers to look beyond appearances to the heart within. The compelling characterization of Mizuno-san and the persistent Tanaka-kun make this series a worthy addition to your Manga reading list. Dive into this extraordinary universe and watch as the cute, delinquent girl with bad eyesight and the perceptive Tanaka-kun light up your reading experience!


How does our cute girl handle everyday tasks like reading and writing?

She employs a combination of Braille, audiobooks, and specialized software that make these activities accessible and enjoyable.

Does she face any social challenges due to her visual impairment?

While there may be occasional misconceptions, our girl’s open and friendly nature quickly dispels any apprehensions others may have.

Is there a message she wants to share with the world?

Absolutely! She advocates for inclusivity, reminding us all that diversity is what makes the world truly beautiful.

How can others offer support to individuals with visual impairments?

Simple gestures like offering assistance when needed and treating them with respect go a long way in creating an inclusive environment.

What can we learn from this inspiring journey?

The power of resilience, the importance of embracing one’s uniqueness, and the boundless potential that lies within each of us.

Where can I find more resources on living with visual impairments?

Visit reputable organizations and communities dedicated to providing information, support, and resources for individuals with visual impairments.

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