Best College Football Games Today on TV
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An Exciting Line-Up: Best College Football Games Today on TV

In the midst of an electrifying college football season, fans have their eyes glued to the TV, eagerly anticipating each extraordinary clash on the turf. Today, we cast our lens over the best college football games airing today on TV, promising a thrilling mix of competition, tangibility, and sheer spectacle. Make sure to clear your schedule, grab some snacks, and get ready for today’s top college football matchups!

The Game of Legends: Oklahoma vs. Texas | ABC

Today’s Big 12 affair showcases a clash of the Titans: Oklahoma and Texas. Currently positioned at the top of the standings, this game could deliver monumental implications for Big 12’s playoff bid. The potent combination of Oklahoma’s staunch defense and Texas’ well-choreographed offensive strategies hints at a riveting encounter.

Big Ten Behemoths: Maryland vs. Ohio State | FOX

Considered the litmus test for the Terrapins, unbeaten yet untested, they take on a rejuvenated Ohio State squad, fresh off a tight victory against Notre Dame. Ohio State serves as the Goliath to Maryland’s David, an encounter promising fireworks and unmatched excitement.

Clash of the Unbeatens: Michigan vs. Minnesota | NBC

Ranked as a playoff frontrunner, Michigan has been a picture of consistent dominance this season. On the other hand, Minnesota is a plucky underdog aiming to disrupt Michigan’s undefeated record. Keep an eye out for the in-form Michigan quarterback, J.J. McCarthy. The game signifies an essential barometer for both teams at the midpoint of the season.

Breakout Mountain West Matchup: Fresno State vs. Wyoming | FOX 

Witness a clash of styles as the systematic efficiency of Fresno State, the only nationally ranked team in the conference, takes on Wyoming’s unpredictable yet resilient side. Expect a tug-of-war between contrasting playstyles, offering thrills and spills to the viewers.


To check local listings for game times and channels, subject to changes. Regardless of who you’re cheering for, one thing’s for sure – you’re going to witness some of the best college football games today on TV. Immerse yourself in this spectacular athletic drama that’s yet another testament to the thrilling college football culture across the nation.  



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