Who is Mattheo Riddle and His Connection to the Harry Potter Universe?

Who is Mattheo Riddle and His Connection to the Harry Potter Universe?

Mattheo Riddle, also known as Matthew Thomas Riddle, is a character who has captivated the Harry Potter fandom, even though he is not a part of J.K. Rowling’s original series. This fictional character has been brought to life through fan fiction and creative fan content, offering a fresh perspective on the wizarding world.

Mattheo’s Family Ties:

In fan-created lore, Mattheo Riddle is often fancast as the son of the infamous Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr., who is more commonly recognized as Lord Voldemort, and Bellatrix Lestrange, one of Voldemort’s most devoted followers. This imaginative twist on the Harry Potter universe sets the stage for Mattheo’s character and his journey.

A Digital Presence:

Mattheo’s story is primarily showcased through social media platforms, particularly TikTok, where clips and fan content featuring the character have gained popularity. These snippets often feature actor Marcus Lopez Arguello, known for his role in “Deadly Class,” embodying the persona of Mattheo Riddle.

Mattheo’s Background:

According to fan-created sources, Mattheo Riddle was born on December 29, 1991, making him the second oldest of three siblings. He has a twin sister, Aliana, who is only ten seconds younger, and an older half-sister, Mandy Lestrange, who shares the same mother but not the same father.

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Hogwarts Years:

Mattheo’s years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, spanning from 2002 to 2008, were filled with a myriad of experiences. He faced challenges like confronting bullies, studying hexes, and navigating complex relationships and personal dilemmas. Throughout these formative years, Mattheo grappled with the weight of living up to his father’s name while dealing with emotional turmoil and complex relationships.

Character Growth:

His character development is evident as he began to harness his magical powers during his third year, studying hexes and jinxes to combat bullies. Simultaneously, he concealed a secret crush on a young Ravenclaw girl, despite publicly bullying her. By the fourth year, he found himself entangled in a serious altercation and discovered his classmates’ deepest fears through a lesson on Boggarts in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Changing Views:

Mattheo’s fifth year marked a turning point as his disdain for Muggle-borns started to wane. However, he kept this change of heart hidden to protect his reputation. His animosity towards a classmate named Corwin Crouch began in the sixth year, leading to escalating tensions that would later erupt into a conflict. By his seventh year, Mattheo had developed an array of skills, including Parseltongue, Legilimency, wandless magic, non-verbal magic, and Occlumency, greatly influencing his journey.

A Love Story:

An integral part of Mattheo’s life at Hogwarts was his evolving relationship with Ava Granger. Initially rivals, they began secret tutoring sessions in his fourth year, which eventually blossomed into a romantic relationship. Their love story took a positive turn as they became engaged and married four years after graduation, even conceiving a son named Thomas Smith Riddle. Tragically, Ava was later murdered, leaving Mattheo as a widower.

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Expanding the Potterverse:

Mattheo Riddle’s intriguing life, from his Hogwarts years to his personal relationships, showcases the boundless creativity of Harry Potter fans. While he may not be a part of the official Harry Potter canon, his story exemplifies the depth of engagement within the Harry Potter fandom and the limitless possibilities for creating new and captivating narratives.


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